This is the integration of genomic science with nutrition and, when possible, other lifestyle variables such as cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption. Today’s biologists concede that neither nature nor nurture alone can explain the molecular processes that ultimately govern human health.

Genetic Potential.

The presence of a particular gene or mutation in most cases merely connotes a predisposition to a particular disease process. Whether that genetic potential will eventually manifest as a disease depends on a complex interplay between the human genome and environmental and behavioral factors. Human intervention studies are costly human and difficult to conduct. Observational studies – detecting associations, not causal relationships – will likely continue to dominate the epidemiologic approach to nutrigenomics. The Functional Healthcare Group aims to uphold the integrity of such studies. Building our understanding of the aetiology of chronic disease is invaluable.

  • The functional healthcare is a journey rooted in treating the cause or causes of illness.
  • Prevention is better than cure.
  • Treat the body as whole.