Functional Physical Therapy

Pain during physical activity is never normal.

Functional Physical Therapy searches for the imbalances that cause pain by looking at the whole body, not just the part that hurts.

As physical therapists – osteopaths, chiropractors, health practitioner working to improve physical functions of the human body – we are trained to and likely already practice in this way. We view the body as:

A tightly interconnected system, so that injuries cause changes that ripple through the whole body.

We utilise our knowledge about how the whole body has adjusted to injury in order to reveal the care pathway to becoming pain-free once again.

With the pieces of your pain puzzle revealed, Functional Physical Therapy works to solve your pain in these phases:

1. Restore the body’s natural alignment.
2. Retrain and strengthen the body’s muscles to take advantage of correct alignment.
3. Apply the body’s new strength and movement patterns to daily life and exercise.

Owing to the nature of how we receive those seeking such healthcare services, we see many bodies in chronic pain. It is in our interests that we integrate to use our care pathways – not simply as a form of abating pain or even pain management – but creating solutions for those in chronic pain.

Functional healthcare strategies need to be put in place so our part in achieving Tier 3  chronic pain prevention can become the solution. The solution relies on recognition that is in line with our professional body’s practice regulations and specific to our individual skills as allied healthcare workers.

Communication needs to be dynamic and the conversation has to start here. There is a role for us all to play in the functional healthcare system because it achieves results and these are proven, will be proven further and will only be improved upon when we build the platform of The Functional Healthcare Group.

We will not only enable communication but also understand how diagnostic criteria can instigate the right kind of debate. Without those discussions and without challenging our colleagues we cannot progress. Imagine what we will achieve when we hear what challenges healthcare professional are experiencing and work towards solutions together. We can measurably collect clinical outcomes and build a clinical database. We can enable patient choice and taking ownership of our health will be the greatest tool in helping those acing the highest expression of individual health, when they are seeking our services. Here is the platform to reflect this body of work and the work of your services as highly skilled and trained allied healthcare professionals.

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