The Future of The Functional Healthcare Group

Demand for clinical applications of the new information and ideas is at the heart of development of Functional Healthcare. We want our Group members and attendees to take home practical clinical tools that would enable them to apply their new knowledge for the benefit of their patients.

  • We will be the first and founding Functional Healthcare Group in the UK that represents the future of healthcare and become individual ambassadors for healthcare change
  • Our educational mission is at the foreground.
  • We will submit our trainees new learned protocols to UK clinical commissioning groups
  • We will advertise Continued Professional Development accredited courses.
  • Our courses will not be available to non-members of the Group.
  • We are currently open to review CPD accredited courses for our Group member’s consideration. Please contact info@functionalhealthcaregroup.com to submit courses for review.
  • We will match our membership’s need by funding.

As our clinical research base matures, The Functional Healthcare Group’s program team will work on a framework for sorting and applying the findings in clinically relevant ways. We will elect members of the Group and relevant key influencers on to our advisory board and we will study and articulate the common principles that categorise and prioritise our new healthcare system that is:

  1. i) Cost effective functional testing for treating the cause or causes of chronic illness.
  2. ii) Prove successful with regards to clinical outcomes (as measured quantifiably using new research data).

iii) Unique and personalised for individual health concerns using an integrative model for care.

iii) Taught in a clinical environment with the support of clinical commissioning groups agreeing to implement our protocols.

iii) Encouraging the UK workforce and members of the community to take ownership of their health and make informed choices for themselves.

In the field of Functional Health we are continually developing models for applying the science. The core concepts of antecedents, triggers, and mediators; the integration of lifestyle into evaluation and treatment; and the central concept of an interconnected web, binding all elements of body (physiology, biochemistry), mind, and spirit.

This is a highly sophisticated model to raise the profile of its members interested in the teaching and practicing of Functional Healthcare. In addition to functional test training, sequencing care has become a core tool in the teaching program.

For the first time our members will be handed the tools to raise their individual professional profile with the support of accredited business development events and courses run by The Functional Healthcare Group – to be held for members of The Functional Healthcare Group.

We provide the tools and we build the platform for what is expanding with growing demand. Our members’ clinical practices profiles will be available to The Functional Healthcare Group members for networking privileges and also to the general public.

We have early programs of an annual symposium and the proposed teaching program will encompass Advanced Practice Modules, a certification program, a growing portfolio of learning courses and new courses on functional nutrition.

The curriculum is deeply rooted in the scientific evidence base and adapts as needed to new and revised findings. Evidence will mature and concepts will become clearer and better accepted, the need to train clinicians in new ways of thinking and practicing will soar.

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