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The Functional Healthcare Group is the platform for those with the shared vision for:
Multidisciplinary healthcare
The Functional Healthcare Group is a network of health professionals, including members of the medical community (from all specialties) and allied health professionals.
Let’s start the conversation…

What do you and your team expect out of taking out a membership to TFHG? Tell us by booking an appointment to meet our founder. We can speak over the phone if preferable.

We’re setting the 2016 agenda – our events calendar will be live shortly. Functional Diagnostics is going be highlight in 2016 as we are in partnership with the developers of software translating reports to something of value to clinicians (by clinicians!) to develop care pathways. Our founder is happy to discuss this with you (and your team). Contact us here

Let’s start the conversation…

We’re making sure it’s designed to benefit our founding members right from the start.

How important is it for your voice to be heard on the platform? If it is, we’ll provide the tools for you to do so.

Do you want speaking opportunities to the platform? Do you wish to present your skills to the Group? If so, we’ll provide the tools for you to do so.

What are your interests in the world of functional health? What educational series – if any – would you be interested in hearing, attending?

Prior to the inaugural meeting, at the members of The Functional Healthcare Group will gather to share one vision for teamwork and the other for utilising functional care pathways – to a degree suited to their practice interests.

The platform is representative of practitioners in the UK who are pushing boundaries in (functional) healthcare.

We share aims. I want to raise awareness of their services to the public. The power is in numbers, so I’m recruiting those those best suited to this. The aim is to offer our members the tools – that matter most to them – to support their individual businesses and help them develop a strong network. .

To sign up for membership you need to send your professional certificate(s) as attachments to your current registration number (to professional body/ies) IN THE SUBJECT OF EMAIL and preferred method of contact to get back you regarding your eligibility for membership and regarding payment of your membership fee, if applicable.

Do we share this vision? 

Let’s start the conversation…

The Group will be a platform and vehicle for change in healthcare. What we achieve as network is valuable to our business, to the future of healthcare in the Uk and to our continued learning towards a complete care system within an advanced healthcare environment and community.