Functional Healthcare is a movement with strategies in place to evaluate, restructure and improve collaborations within the medical and allied health community in the UK, private and NHS care providers and with the general public.

Members of The Functional Healthcare Group aim to empower patients to take ownership of their health.

The Functional healthcare group is bringing together clinicians across the UK. We will form a platform to communicate and represent Functional Healthcare values and clinical protocol for efficient management of chronic pain and disease.

The Functional Healthcare Group is pioneering the future of medicine. Medicine is changing and our healthcare model is:


Clinically & Cost effective 


In the past we focused on bringing cutting edge research to the attention of  of scientists, medical doctors, chiropractors, nutritionists, and other health professionals. Now times are changing.

The Functional Healthcare Group will use its strength in membership numbers to improve  individual practice and patient care and motivate commentates to participate and take responsibility in the prevention and long term management of chronic pain and chronic disease.

Individual clinical databases will be given due attention and we will employ our new care strategies into clinic and hospitals to review improvements and document them accordingly. This will bring about improvements in healthcare three-fold.

The Functional Healthcare Group platform for medical and allied health professionals will:

  • Adopt the values of teamwork, promote integrative and preventative treatment strategies
  • Be represented as such to the public and have the opportunity to build on existing knowledge of the core functional healthcare model, to use this knowledge and training in their individual practice
  • Offer educational courses and training will be CPD approved and exist to facilitate progression of functional healthcare systems.
  • We are also offering all members of the group the opportunity to liaise with peers, to network effectively and be offered equal speaking opportunities to colleagues i.e. all members of the group within the private health sector
  • Members of The Functional healthcare Group will be encouraged to voice their challenges, concerns and their vision of future practice
  • Life coaching skills to strengthen individual business and multidisciplinary relationships.
  • Coaching skills to enhance too the healthcare relationship between patient and practitioner, one to encourage patient choice
  • Highlight all specialists on our platform for the general public seeking excellence in private health services
  • We are offering training to clinicians in innovative diagnostic tools and investigations to implement in clinic. There will be training opportunities provided that are suitable for the both the medical and allied health community.
  • Encourage clinicians to collect clinical data as evidence of the functional healthcare system’s model and treatment protocol so that we are able to progress in our vision to collaborate with existing and non-exiting parters on a broader scale.
  • Build a healthcare relationship that involves the patient and encourages patient choice
  • Be the best forum for communication exchanging of ideas within the healthcare industry in the UK.

Skills – CPD Training and Courses

Our Group is growing and we want you to join us right from the start. We are collaborating with functional health professionals globally. Our strategies to effect change will be met when we build on strengths, communicate our needs and facilitate means to deliver the highest expression health, consitently. Cost effective solutions need to be put in place. We can effect change by building a clinical database and we aim to help Group Members facilitate this process through collaboration.  The current issues our healthcare system is facing in UK is due to broken links in what has to be a complete care system. We have the skills. We have the knowledge. If you want to make a change to your practice, we are here to help you do that. We

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